It's okay, mine is too.

Look up, that's mine. It's SO messy, but also so typical. Do I love it? Not really, just looking at it does make me want to clean it up. Will I stop taking photos because of it? NO way. I don't love the mess, but I LOVE this photo. My 2-year-old was supposed to be sitting on the potty but instead got up and walked around the living room with a play scarf on her head, over the hat that she never takes off. Part of the mess is the package of pull-ups we needed to bring into preschool the next day. They are just lying there on the ground next to her backpack so we don't forget them in the morning, otherwise, we would totally forget.

Especially with littles, the mess is NEVER ending, I get it. But it also tells a story, and the people in the mess tell a story, and sometimes it just all comes together and you love it despite of how crazy it looks. Or maybe because of how crazy it looks! How I'm even able to sit at that coffee table and write a blog post amongst all the crazy, and remember to bring in the pack of diapers, and attempt potty training, and do ALL the other get what I'm saying? Anyways, I love this photo.