Pricing Packages

Short & Sweet


1.5-2 hours of family photojournalism
Full gallery of high resolution digital files to download
11x8.25 softcover book of highlights

This is the session for newborn photos at home. It’s also perfect for activities like parties and family get togethers.

Day In The Life


4-5 hours
Full gallery of high resolution digital files to download
8.5x8.5 layflat photo book of highlights

If you want to pick either the morning or evening routine, this is for you. We’ll get a good glimpse at what a day-in-the-life looks like.



Breakfast-Bedtime (8+ hours)
Full gallery of high resolution digital files to download
8.5x8.5 layflat photo book of highlights

If you’re like me and you can’t decide because every moment and every routine is precious, this is for you.

“I felt very at ease and it was easy to be photographed by her. She got some great shots that we didn’t expect to be so good within the moment. A simple snap she took in the hallway is still one of my favorites. She didn’t press us or our kids to do anything that seemed out of the ordinary in order to get extraordinary personal + heartfelt photos. Her sincerity in her personality and photographic approach really sealed the deal for us.”



0I. What is documentary family photography?

It’s like a snapshot that tells the story of what your life is really like right now. There’s no awkward posing, no matching outfits (unless that’s your jam), and no need to put on a show.

It tells the story of who you are, what makes your family unique, and embraces the ups and downs, the beauty and the messes.

03. But our lives are boring...

They’re not, trust me. Every family I photograph is unique in their own way, and I fall in love with all of you. The mundane and the routine are beautiful and magical when you look at them through the right lens.

05. What will we do?

I've documented events from birthdays to weddings to bringing home a new baby. I also just love photographing a family doing their everyday routines, you really don't need a plan. I’ll go to Target with you or to your kid’s swim lesson. If you want to capture something specific, here are some ideas:

daily routines

playing board games or puzzles

playing in the yard

going to the beach

apple picking

pumpkin carving

baking cookies

07. What if we want some more traditional photos as well?

We can include some lifestyle portraits, usually at the beginning of a session at home, or anytime out-and-about. But we will spend very little time on it.

02. What if my partner doesn't like family photos?

They probably don’t like the idea of a photo session where they have to make room in their schedule, dress a certain way, smile a certain way, be told what to do, etc. Basically anything goes, and you can go about your usual schedule.

04. What if my kids misbehave?

Kids aren't going to be on their best behavior 24/7. The beauty of a documentary session is that they don't have to be. They are allowed to just be whoever they are, and it takes a ton of pressure off you. I'm not saying don't parent them, but you shouldn't feel stressed about keeping them still, clean, happy, and so on all the time.

And honestly, I kind of love it when kids do "misbehave" or get upset during a session. Okay, I feel like I need to explain that more. I don't love that they are going through a hard time, or that you are. But I do love showing what the everyday life of your child is like, and I love seeing them as who they truly are. I also love seeing the connection between a parent and child when they are going through those moments. And trust me, when you see the photos, you’ll love seeing it too.

06. What if my house is a mess? How can I have an in-home session?!

It's okay, mine is too.

The mess is NEVER ending, I get it. But it also tells a story, and the people in the mess tell a story, and sometimes it just all comes together and you love it despite how crazy it looks. Or maybe because of how crazy it looks!

08. Do we have to order prints through you?

Nope! All photos are delivered via an online gallery which you can download, share, and print. I would recommend printing photos through a professional online lab to ensure quality. To make things easier, there is an option to buy a variety of prints directly from your online gallery.